CenSus Partnership
Benefit Fraud

Fraud is not a victimless crime and it can affect the provision of essential services as well as potentially causing financial loss. It is in the public interest to identify and investigate all fraud, as soon as possible.

The CenSus Partnership is unequivocally set against any form of benefit fraud within the council, external organisations, benefit claimants, landlords and employers.

We are also committed to the prevention, deterrence, detection and investigation of Benefit Fraud, and will seek to prosecute if possible or apply other appropriate sanctions to perpetrators of Benefit Fraud.

We have a team of specialised Investigation Officers who are dedicated to stopping those people who obtain benefit by fraudulent means.

Help us beat the fraudsters...

If you are aware of anyone cheating the system please help in the detection of this crime by ringing to speak to a trained Benefits Investigator, on the National Fraud Hotline.

Alternatively, you can report an allegation of fraud using our on-line Fraud referral form (77kb) or by emailing us directly on fraud@centralsussex.gov.uk

You are under no obligation to provide your name, just the details of the suspected fraud. The information you give will be treated confidentially and investigated fully.

Please provide as much information as you can; such as: -

• The individuals name
• Address
• Details of the suspected fraud

Other useful information; such as: -

• A description of the individual named
• A partners name
• An employers name and address

Benefits Forms

Fraud referral form (77kb)

Mid Sussex Fair Processing Notice

Fraud Investigators:

  • 0800 854 440 (English)
  • 0800 678 3722 (Welsh)
  • 0800 328 0512 (Textphone)

Housing Benefit Department: